Q: How do I engage your services?
A: Feel free to send a brief email with some contact details and a brief outline of your question. Alternatively, give us a call. If you require ongoing assistance, we will confirm our terms and conditions with you in writing.

Q: What does the free half hour first interview include?
A: We aim to give you some preliminary advice at this point about your options. Depending upon how detailed your query is will depend upon how much we can answer in the time we have.

Q: What is included in the $550 guilty plea representation?
A: This fee covers a simple guilty plea in the Magistrates Court. Pleas in the District Court or that are complex in the Magistrates Court (e.g. several counts or substantial disputed facts) will attract a higher fee.

Q: Do you accept Legal Aid?
A: We do accept work in legally aided matters.

Q: Why should I choose BK Legal to represent me?
A: BK Legal is a local Adelaide based law firm. We are committed to providing prompt and personal care to our clients in many areas of law. With a history of successful court outcomes BK Legal can offer lasting and complete outcomes for you. Being a smaller firm, we pride ourselves on getting to know you and your matter better which we believe enables us to better manage your matter.

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