BK Legal is an Adelaide law firm offering a wide array of services including Court Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Family Law and Criminal Law. However, we can offer services in other areas as well. Contact us to discuss your case and take advantage of our offer of a free first half hour interview.

Court Litigation and Dispute Resolution

At BK Legal we have significant experience in litigation and dispute resolution. We strive to obtain the best result possible, whether it is via dispute resolution settlement methods or, where unavoidable, proceeding to Court.

With a long history of successful court outcomes in all South Australian courts we are experienced and proficient in handling all claims whether large or small.

Criminal Law

BK Legal specialises in Criminal defence, in particular Traffic offences and boast an excellent track record in these areas. Most of our criminal cases do not proceed to trial as we successfully negotiate criminal charges to be withdrawn entirely or substituted for lesser offences.

Family Law

We provide advice and act in all aspects of family law, including property, maintenance, custody issues, children’s matters and divorce/separation. Where possible, we facilitate the amicable resolution of disputes, through negotiation, conciliation and counselling. If a resolution is not possible, we prepare and conduct proceedings in the Courts exercising Family Law jurisdiction.

We also prepare binding financial agreements and consent orders if parties have negotiated their own agreement about matters.

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